As a professional, you know a book is the best way of giving you credibility, building your reputation, expanding your network, and opening doors to speaking engagements. You may have written a manuscript already or have some great ideas that just need to get out of your head, but knowing how long the whole process takes frustrates you.

You may want the “stamp” from a traditional publisher on your book but it’s hard to accept that the whole process (from signing contracts to the book in your hands) will take at least a year. You have also considered self-publishing, but part of you doesn’t want the “stigma” of being self-published, regardless of how many people rave about it.

So, what’s the solution? Your audience is ready and waiting for your book, but how can you get it to them within months rather than years?

This is something I have been pondering over the last couple of years, in response to the same questions asked by professionals like you, and quite frankly, I think I may have cracked it.

I firmly believe that the key to a successful book project lies with a small team of professional people you can trust; people who are willing to personally engage with you and guide you through every step of the writing and publishing process.

That’s why I have teamed up with two of the most trustworthy people in the industry to create a quality bespoke book publishing service: Heather O’ Connell is a publishing consultant and book production expert who has held senior management positions in Penguin and HarperCollins; and Professor Phil Cleaver is a multi-award winning graphic and book designer.

Here’s how we work:

1.     A professional writer (me!) will collaborate with you to either write or complete your manuscript over an agreed period of time, as well as overseeing the entire book process.

2.      Once your manuscript has reached the final draft, it will be sent to a professional copy-editor and proof-reader to ensure it is published to the highest standard.

3.     The manuscript will then be sent to professional book designer Professor Phil Cleaver, who will liaise with you to design and typeset the perfect book and cover design alongside all other design elements.

4.     Once the design and typesetting has been finalised, it is sent to book production expert, Heather O’Connell, who will liaise with the printer to ensure your book meets the highest of standards as well as agreeing storage, packing and delivery details.

5.     Your book will be published through a well-established independent publisher called Impress, given its own ISDN and bar code, and displayed on the Impress website. If desired, your book will also be made available on Amazon.

6.     Finally, you have the book you have been waiting to write all these years to market online and sell at conferences.

Why are we different to other book publishers?

Firstly, we don’t consider ourselves book publishers. It just happens that each of us has different skills that combined make for a speedier and more personal book-writing experience. However, we do things differently to other publishers.

We offer the “stamp” of a reputable publisher without the “stigma” of a self-publisher, and provide a personal, bespoke service that puts you in control of the process. From market research, we consider ourselves fairly priced for our services, and we do not take a percentage of your royalties or incur any other “hidden” costs.

Our ultimate goal is to create a high-quality, well-written, beautifully designed book that showcases your expertise and represents the professional you truly are.