There is a common misconception that people who hire ghostwriters lack the skill and ability to write for themselves. Over the last decade as a professional ghostwriter working with business executives, psychologists and academics, I can truthfully say that this is not the case. Every one of my clients can write – and write very well. So why do good writers hire ghostwriters? Here’s what my clients say:

‘I have no time!’

While my clients always have the drive to write a book or blog or article, they simply do not have the time to do it. Hiring a ghostwriter is a way to get their thoughts out of their heads and onto the page without any major disruption to their busy schedules.

‘English is not my first language.’

Some of my clients have excellent spoken English and write beautifully in their own native language, but lack the confidence to write a book in the English language. Getting a ghostwriter on board allows them to express themselves in a way that reaches their target audience.

‘I don’t have the correct writing style.’

Many of my clients have been educated to write in a certain way according to the subjects they have studied. For example, an academic is trained to write in a more formal style suitable to an academic audience. While these clients have excellent writing ability, they may lack the writing style necessary to write for a general audience. Hiring a ghostwriter helps to present their thoughts and ideas in a more accessible and engaging way, which in turn attracts a wider readership.