Much as I’d loved to, I don’t cover all the specialist areas that people may want me to write about. Thanks to United Ghostwriters, I now have a platform of trusted ghostwriting professionals to whom I can happily refer people looking for writers of different disciplines. Here is how United Ghostwriters all began:

Six months ago, a group of 13 professional ghostwriters got together to exchange ideas about how we could improve the services we offer.

The number one cause of frustration for our clients? We were difficult to find. Our clients would spend many hours online searching for the right ghost to match their writing needs, before finally finding one of us. Apparently, we were as elusive as our profession suggests.

We needed to make ourselves more visible and more accessible to the people who needed our help writing their books.

That’s why we created United Ghostwriters – a marketplace that showcases a small group of talented and experienced UK ghostwriters, dedicated to the art of helping you write your book and express your ideas in your own voice.

Five things you should know about us

1.     We mainly offer non-fiction services, spanning a wide range of topics, from business, memoirs and popular science to higher education and how-to books (though a few of us handle fiction, too).

2.     We also help our clients with blogs, articles, book proposals and case studies – or even ‘rescuing’ book projects that have got stuck.

3.     We are NOT an agency (no middleman fees to pay). We are simply a group of friends, who share the same profession and have come together to offer a wide range of writing services.

4.     We work with experts, academics and business leaders. We have also helped dozens of ordinary people with extraordinary ideas and stories find their voices and become well-respected authors.

5.     When it comes to fees, we are not the cheapest. But we are experienced, talented and resourceful – and that makes us the best.

Who are our ghostwriters?

  •   We all come from different professional backgrounds, including journalism, marketing, PR and publishing. But we’re not just good writers. We’re also well connected and able to offer you advice and guidance that goes far beyond simply writing your manuscript.
  • Many of our ghosted books have topped the sales charts, including the Sunday Times bestseller list.
  • We are also authors in our own right, which puts us in an excellent position to advise you on the publishing process.
  • We don’t do ghostwriting on the side. We are totally committed to working with you and your book/writing project until it reaches completion.
  • We are reliable, efficient, totally committed to deadlines, very discreet and extremely loyal to our clients.

How do you find the right ghostwriter for you?

To get started, go to our website and take a look at our profiles, or click on your subject area. Once you see what we’ve got to offer, you can make contact with the person or people you’re most interested in.

When you’ve found the right ghostwriter, the two of you can discuss your project in detail and agree how you are going to work together.