For many of us, writing a blog comes firmly last on our list of priorities. It takes time, it doesn’t pay, and it’s hard to come up with new ideas on a regular basis. But much as I hate to admit it, these are excuses rather than valid arguments (believe me – I’ve used them all). So here are three common excuses (there are lots more) people use to avoid blogging, and why they really don’t stand up:

  1. You Don’t Have Time

Between juggling deadlines and personal commitments and much more, who has time to actually sit down and write a blog? It sounds crazy just thinking about it. When I used this argument with a keen (and annoyingly smug) blogging fanatic, he told me to check the amount of screen time I used every week on my smartphone. When the surprisingly-high figure popped up (what have I been watching???), he said, ‘Now do you think you don’t have time to write a blog?’ Point made (but still not fond of the smugness).

2. You Don’t Get Paid

It’s true. When you’re writing a blog to promote your own business, chances are nobody’s going to pay you to write it. Why waste all that time when you could be going after some paid work? But it is possible to make money out of blogging, albeit inadvertently. When I was suffering through the great freelance famine of 2016, blogging got me out of my rut. Not only was I keeping my writing skills fresh and alive but, to my surprise, people were reading my blogs too, which prompted a steady flow of work queries. To this day, most of my business comes from LinkedIn.

3. You Have Nothing to Say

This is a confidence thing. Of course you have something to say – you’re just worried about putting yourself out there. The best way to get over this is to draft something on a topic you’re familiar with and send it to a good friend or fellow writer for review. Never be afraid to ask for feedback – it’s the first step to getting you on your way to becoming a master blogger.

While blogging does take a lot of time and thought, and I’m certainly not disciplined enough to do it on weekly basis (usually I write a blog when too much time passes and the guilt kicks in), it has helped to boost my profile on LinkedIn and attracted much-needed attention to my work website. So ditch the excuses and give it a try. At the very least, you get to have fun choosing accompanying images – just like the gratuitous dog pic I have chosen. And what’s not to like about that?