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Why do you need a ghostwriter?

As a professional at the top of your field, of course you’re uniquely qualified to write your own books or blogs. And you’ve probably been wanting to do just that for years.

You know it’s one of the best investments you could make for the future of your business and you also know that a book and/or a blog has the potential to impact thousands of people you’re not currently reaching.

The chances are you know exactly what to say – in your head. But like many other professionals in your position, you are probably too busy doing what you do best to write it all down.

Working with a ghostwriter gives you the opportunity to share your expertise with a wider audience as well as showcasing you and your business. It’s a short cut savvy business people use to get the job done.

Remember, successful people ask for help when they need it!

So why do you need a ghostwriter?

“I have no time!”

You may have the drive to write a book or blog or article, but you simply do not have the time to do it. I can help you to get your thoughts onto the page without any major disruption to your busy schedule.

“I don’t have the correct writing style!”

You may have been educated to write in a certain way according to the subjects you have studied, but lack the writing style you need to appeal to your target market. I can help you to present your thoughts and ideas in a more accessible and engaging way.

“English is not my first language!”

You have excellent spoken English and write beautifully in your own native language, but perhaps you lack the confidence to write a book in the English language. I can help you to express yourself in a way that reaches your target audience.

‘Successful people ask for help’ –  Camille Preston

Why write a book?

A book is the new business card: it showcases your expertise and promotes you and your business.

It enhances your reputation as a leading authority on a specific topic.

It opens the door to more speaking engagements (Think TED/TEDx).

It gives you something tangible to give to colleagues and hand out at conferences.

There is a certain cachet to being an author.

It helps you to stand out from the crowd. Your book makes you memorable.

A successful book will earn you royalties which will help to cover your ghostwriting fees, and potentially act as another income stream

Why write a blog?

Your business becomes more visible. Each time you blog, you build awareness of you, your products and your brand. Higher visibility means more traffic to your site, and with it the opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.

 You get to connect with other leaders. Your blog is a great way of expanding your network as it attracts other like-minded leaders with whom you may end up building lucrative business relationships.

You gain new perspectives and feedback. The comments from your readers can offer new and fresh perspectives on a particular topic, enabling you to expand and improve on your original thoughts and ideas.

You get to be an industry expert. By posting regular, well-written and thoughtful blogs, you become an industry expert – an educator. The more expert knowledge you deliver, the more trust you build with your readers. And as every leader knows, trust is the linchpin of any successful business.

You become a better communicator. The very act of writing a blog helps you to clarify your own vision and ideas and communicate them more clearly to your audience.


of business professionals believe that books have a positive impact on their businesses


of writers don't finish their books

+ hours taken to write a book if writing by yourself


quicker if working with me (and you don't have to do any of the writing!)

I’m Emma Murray..

…and I am an author and ghostwriter, specialising in Psychology, Business, and Higher Education.

I work with MDs, entrepreneurs, management consultants, psychologists and university professors to help create written works designed to enhance reputations, build connections and generate wider interest.

I started my own writing business over 10 years ago following a long career as a marketing executive in investment banking and it has given me the experience and drive to work with other professionals on their writing projects.

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The Ghostwriting Process

Contact Me

Complete this form telling me a short bit about yourself, and describe the work you would like to do. Please keep in mind that I ghostwrite non-fiction books, blogs, articles, and case studies in the fields of business, psychology and higher education.

The Proposal

If traditional publishing is for you, I will prepare a proposal on your behalf. This details your target market (who will buy your book); why your book will sell; and why you, the author, are the best person to write this book. The proposal will also include a couple of sample chapters and a short summary of each chapter to give the publisher an idea of the flow and style of the book.

The Publisher Says Yes!

If your book is commissioned by a traditional publisher, you will be sent a contract, detailing royalties, publishing date, the advance etc. (although do be warned that publishers may only distribute a small advance for non-fiction books or no advance at all). At this point, you and I will sit down together and work out a payment schedule. There are lots of different ways payment can be arranged, so it is easy to sort something out that suits your needs and your budget.

The Big Discussion

Let’s set up a conversation to discuss your ideas further. Ghostwriting is such a collaborative process that it is fundamental that we get on well from the outset. A personality clash will not make for a successful book!

Contract, Credits and Confidentiality

Once we agree to work together, I will send you a contract which details the terms and conditions of work. Client privacy and confidentiality is fundamental and I have no desire to risk my own reputation by being indiscreet. With regards to being credited, while it is always nice to be mentioned in the acknowledgements, I see this book as yours, so whatever decision you make is fine with me.

The Writing Process

The writing process may include a series of interviews (either in person or over Skype) which are designed to work around your schedule. While I am prepared to carry out additional research, the majority of the material must come from you.  I will send you each chapter as I write it so you have a chance to share your feedback as quickly as possible. Your role in this part of the process is to read through the chapters and provide me with your comments and suggestions.

Publishing vs Self-Publishing

It can be difficult for first-time authors to get a publishing deal with a traditional publisher. Self-publishing is an alternative way for authors to share their knowledge with a growing readership. I can advise you on this.

Beginning the Process

For the proposal, I will need you to provide me with some material on the subject, so I can put together a knowledgeable and attractive proposal to pitch to the agent or publisher. Aternatively, for authors that would prefer to self-publish, the writing process will start as soon as you provide me with the appropriate material. I’ll let you know just what I need in either case.

First Draft

Once you are happy with the first draft of the manuscript, I will send it to the publisher for review. During this stage, I will act as the liaison between you and the publisher, applying comments and feedback where necessary. As soon as you and the publisher are happy with the final draft, then the manuscript will be proofread before it eventually goes to print. If you are self-publishing, I strongly recommend hiring a copyeditor and proofreader to go through the manuscript before it goes to print. 

The Curtain Falls

So your book is out, and hopefully flying off the shelves! Although the process may be over, I always like to keep in touch with my clients to see how they are getting on, and I continue to offer advice and guidance where it is needed.

are we a fit? let's find out

share your writing project with me

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'Emma is a superb author to work with. Her renowned style of writing has been the subject of myriad glowing reviews, and her knowledge and understanding of the breadth of topics in question is truly impressive. Matched with a professionalism, dependability and work ethic that is hard to find within what is a notoriously mercurial field, I would highly recommend working with Emma in the future.'
Robert Hoban, Entrepreneur, Managing Director, BIDX1

'Emma is an excellent writer and editor. She is reliable, conscientious, professional, and extremely deadline-focused. Working with her has been a most pleasurable experience and I would not hesitate to engage her services again in the future.'

Dr Michael Sinclair, psychologist,

'We'd like to thank Emma Murray for her amazing talents, as she served as the best content editor and writer an author team could have.'

Professor Christopher P. Neck, Arizona State University

"I was operating under a tight deadline and needed immediate help.  Emma provided the practical advice and guidance I needed to take my manuscript to the next level. Her sense of humor, responsiveness and focus on customer needs make her the only logical choice for your next book."
Dave Gee, entrepreneur and University educator

"I received the book today! Emotional to say the least. Thank You again for all your help and patience with me. I never really believed this day would come." 

US business entrepreneur

'The book has been getting a ton of media activity. Thanks so much for your partnership. It was an amazing journey and we made a great team!'
Senior Executive, Silicon Valley tech startup